There Might Be Smoke

All the forecast maps and, frankly, everybody’s common sense tell us that we should get a lot of smoke from the fires burning across the Country. It might be there, but we can’t see much of anything past the fog. The humidity levels are staying high and there’s no wind.

I drive around the Island looking for areas where the landscape occasionally escapes the low clouds. It never lasts long. šŸ™‚

More thunderstorms are supposed to arrive today and tomorrow. I’m not bothering to look further ahead. Unfortunately the Weather Experts say these storms will last 6 to 8 hours each day. I’ll have to figure out a way to sedate Fish or he’s going to have a complete breakdown.

In other news, there is an intent on the part of the Salmon crowd to bring over 3 or 4 large boats to remove the nets lying around in Harbour de Lute. 7 of them are lying on the beach below the headland in the foreground of this photo. You can see them floating in the high tide. What you can’t see are the dozens lying along the bottom.

They tried using one of their small boats to pick some up and almost capsized. Then they got a net caught in their propeller and had to be towed over to the cages so a diver could release it. I know that all the garbage from these enterprises didn’t appear magically overnight – but it doesn’t matter. It’s time to clean up the mess and I appreciate their intent to do something. The fog is delaying them – of course.

In a similar vein, we have visitors here this week from the Coast Guard. They are in the middle of a huge project to clean up derelicts around the Bay of Fundy. All those old abandoned boats I’ve been showing you for years are supposed to be taken away. There is a financial penalty for the owners if they can be identified and tracked down. Cleaning the place up will be great but the best news is that I got a hat from them. šŸ™‚

I got a call yesterday saying that a friend’s house was fully engulfed in flames. It turned out to be an abandoned house next to him (whew) and it’s easy to understand the confusion. Nobody – and I mean nobody – uses street addresses around here. It’s always ‘that house next to Calvin’s grandmother’s old place” or something similar. Unfortunately, when you call 911 in Fredericton they don’t work that way. So people give their own addresses and enough information that the Fire Department on the Island knows where they’re going.

For people who know the Island, it was the first house on the left on Tinker Lane and the owner hasn’t been here in many years. It was left to burn so that there wouldn’t be any danger of kids climbing around in what remained. The absence of wind, and the soaking wet foliage, kept the rest of us safe from any possibility of it spreading. Jonathon’s house wasn’t touched.

I started a new pill last night to calm my tremors. I guess it has to build up in your system because I’ve done a lot of swearing at my hands this morning. Any photos I get that are decent enough to share are the result of pure luck – and a camera setting that takes multiples when I push the button. If I take enough of them I’m hoping something will be in focus. Even if it’s just fog. šŸ™‚


  1. My sister’s dog was having a terrible time with all the fireworks and thunder this summer. They bought her a ‘thunder jacket’ (i think that is the name). Cassie LOVES her thunder jacket. Not only does it calm her down, and she’s good with standing still to wear it, she goes over to where it is kept and ASKS for them to put it on. Apparently it’s a HUGE help for thunderstorms and fireworks and other loud scary noises.

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      1. I wonder if you could make one. it’s really just a very snug fitting jacket. snug as in gripping. i wonder if you could mimic the effect by wrapping something around the abdomen. I’m thinking of material like you’d get in an Ace bandage – can wrap it securely around you, gripping/exerting snugness. as a makeshift thunder jacket until you can get one. speaking of the smoke – drove down to meet some former coworkers for dinner tonight. the temperature and forecast was okay for the convertible. but i should have listened to the rest of it – VERY smokey ride for the 20 miles. i had to stop singing along with the radio – i began to taste the smoke in my mouth.

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      2. I read your suggestion to Fish – he looked at my hands and said he’d wait for the jacket. grin
        I’m impressed that you weren’t worried about breathing – just not being able to sing. Remembering our ride through BC 4 years ago I’d keep the top up. šŸ™‚


      3. *grin* you know that my priorities are often very different than yours. think SHOES. or even more so – shampoo & conditioner. LOL. It wasn’t quite as bad as BC. I’m still thrilled with the photo we got of the helicopter dumping water. Remember thrills are not necessarily positive experiences. šŸ™‚ But do look into the thunder jacket for Fish. It’s made such a difference for Cassie. She even asks for it at bedtime. Does Fish have a crate? Both of my dogs considered their crate their safe space and found it MUCH easier to get into the crate than slip under the washing machine.

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      4. Oh I remember your “priorities” LOL
        No he’s not got a crate – every now and then as a puppy he got a time out in the laundry room Maybe that’s why he tries to get under the washing machine šŸ™‚ I will get a thunder jacket but it will take a few weeks. Til then he can hide under a blanket on my lap.

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