Mission Creep

My view of the world today maybe (*is*) coloured by the new pill I’m trying to get used to. One of the side effects is that I’m fairly grumpy. In addition to a pharmacologically induced lack of zen, there is the fact that people have been coming to my door since 6:00 am. I’m a retired person – doesn’t that mean you get to sleep? I understand why they all have to stick to a schedule dictated by ocean dwelling creatures – I don’t see why I have to.

One of my visitors was a teenager looking for a USB stick – I can’t remember the last time I used one of those and wasn’t able to help him. I discovered a while later that he had left me something.

This young person always has a few projects in the works and they all seem to involve huge dories, or trucks, or cars, etc., and his yard is a mess of metal and tools and other important stuff. For years I have firmly resisted the idea that he (or his father) could “temporarily” store things on my property.

My position is that, as much of a mess as my place might be, they are not extending their salvage yard aesthetic to my land.

So, explain to me why I suddenly have lobster traps in a pile outside my door.

I mentioned the 2 dozen young geese in my cove this week – that number is now over 50. Brimmer, the small white companion to the big yellow Dufus next door, likes to harass neighbours’ chickens. When he heard those geese he tore off down the hill heading for the water. People must get tired of hearing me loudly telling him to get his (rude word for body part) back here. I’m sure the only reason he listens is that I’m his cookie connection. Feeding him is one thing – trying to save his life from a pack of Cobra Chickens is too much.

By now half the dogs on the Island know where to go for a treat. My grandmother used to hand out food to callers at her door during the Depression. These animals are not as deserving but insist they are just as deprived. The other day somebody encouraged me to feed part of my supper to a nosy squirrel. I refused because he’d then expect me to feed him all the time and I was not going to add to my list of clients.

I also told you about the Coast Guard project to clean up the Bay of Fundy. The advance team got part way through Head Harbour and sent videos to their boss. He called back and asked if they were about finished surveying the Island. No, they’d just started. It seems what they’d found at that point was already a $6 to $8 million project. There’s a lot more.

The salmon cage garbage is still filling Harbour de Lute but the company keeps promising to come and get it. Once they do the Coast Guard and Transport Canada are going to bring up the rest of the mess around Campobello.

Another project which is (apparently) at the Environmental Impact stage is going to tear down and remove the remains of the Jackson Plant – that decrepit pile of a building I’ve shown you a few times.

If all of this really happens the Island could look shiny and new. Well, once we deal with the litter. I’ll need more coffee for that. 🙂

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