We had a nice day yesterday – right now we’re back to fog and showers. It is still possible to start the cleanup in Harbour de Lute and, although there seem to be hiccups, I know they’re going to try.

The garbage from years of salmon farms is filling the coves and it’s going to be a big job getting rid of it. The good news is that fishermen will be able to shut off those coves again to catch herring (assuming that the fish cooperate). I can’t think why the farms felt OK with dumping the nets etc., but litter is litter and has to go.

I’ll go down in a while to see how they’re doing and if possible share some photos next time. One reason I’ll be there is that the project means a lot to me. Another reason is that it keeps my mind off a recent discovery.

There was a “crazy” person dancing around the road next to me a few days ago. I didn’t know what he was doing and decided not to inquire. On Saturday he followed a friend of mine into the driveway because he wanted to show us what he’d found. There are bear prints next to the road about 3 yards from my front lawn.

I don’t care how nicely that big boy asks, I’m not feeding him!

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