Update on Salmon Nets – It’s a Great Day

A few hours after I did my angst-ridden post yesterday about the salmon nets I found myself in a video conference call with two women at the Department of Fisheries & Oceans (DFO). My friend’s contact at the Coast Guard had emailed them and they wanted to get some more details.

What we didn’t know (and yes, there’s a lot we don’t know) is that the DFO started their own Ghost Gear project last year and already had a crew working in the area. We explained the size of the problem and also the urgency of removing the nets from Jackson Breakwater. (Note: that pile of nets might not look impressive in the photo but it is over 6 feet high and almost 30 feet long).

They immediately assumed ownership of the project to clean up the Salmon Farm trash, not just in Otter Cove but around the whole Island. They also sent their crew here to get the nets off the Breakwater.

Update: The DFO has assumed ownership of the clean up of Otter Cove but as of today still has to make a final decision on the rest of the Island. I have great hope though. 🙂

Once the size of the pile was understood they arranged for an enormous boom truck and a semi-trailer with a convertible lid to come get them this morning.

The nets are being transported to a DFO facility on the mainland where each net will be inspected by hand. What I didn’t tell you yesterday is that there is an ID tag on every net – the names of the companies responsible for dumping all of the nets will be tracked down.

Once they finished loading the truck, the crew headed out on their boat to start cleaning up Otter Cove. Consider yourselves lucky you didn’t have to witness my happy dance out there on the wharf. 🙂


  1. Oh, this is good news. I was still pondering a reply to your “angsty” post when this update came through.

    How long have the nets been there, does anyone know? How long have they known of this problem? How did they know of the problem? Did I miss a post with all of that info? (Very likely)


    1. Oh Companies have been dumping them for years. It hasn’t been seen as a problem – moving here is a little like moving to the 1940s. Also, things got a little weird yesterday – I’ll update again when we know what’s happening. 🙂

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