Today is a foggy day – Passamaquoddy Bay has disappeared along with my little cove. I decided on a whim to go back to Schooner Cove and see what the ponds look like in this weather. What I found left me stuttering in shock.

We have a 3 man Highways Maintenance crew here on the Island. I like them – we get along well – but every now and then they do something so inexplicable I’m left completely bewildered.

I’ll do a couple of before and afters here. Now the befores were taken in the full sun and peak bloom so there would be differences anyway. However …

The fog and a couple of weeks in time cannot account for the changes in this view. At some point in the past few days the Highways guys came through with their big mower and cut down all the shrubs lining the small road into the cove.

This makes absolutely no sense. Yes, we’ve had a LOT of rain and foliage all over the Island has taken advantage of these conditions (see first shot). But these bushes weren’t interfering with anything.

I don’t get it. They had obviously been trimming the edges of Fundy Road which is the main road you would use to reach the entrance to this cove – but they didn’t need to continue the wholesale clear-cutting of shrubbery.

Unfortunately they left a lot of debris in the small pond.

You might wonder why I got so upset about this little spot on the Island. Remember I’m a big lover of flower gardens and there aren’t any cultivated ones here. Oh some homes have pretty little beds but finding something to surround you and fill the senses is very rare.

I feel like I lost a friend. Silly eh?

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