Finding Clear Spots and a Salmon Net Update

I know you’re tired of pictures of the fog. Honestly, I can’t avoid it. Our temperatures are 10 degrees Celcius (more than 20 Fahrenheit) cooler than those in St. Stephen, but it’s still warm and humidity is still 100%. It moved off a little down at Jackson’s so I got a few clearer shots.

The fog shuts down most of the fishing activity. They’re still pounding stakes in my cove though, trying to finish that weir.

I saw a Finback no more than 30 feet away moving towards Pollack Cove. He/she was being followed by 2 whale boats. They actually stayed at least 100 ft away from him/her – which is closer than regulations allow but much better than being on top of them.

I told you the salmon net cleanup got weird. A few hours after they started there was a call from Ottawa to stop work. There was no explanation but there was a message saying not to touch them with our hands (Erp!).

An update arrived this morning. DFO is going to proceed with the clean-up, is going to pay all costs, and they blame themselves for not doing enough inspections. I am thrilled!

Interestingly, to me at least, a lot of the conversation on the wharves has moved from “You’re just sh*t disturbing” to “Stuff has to go.”.

I will be taking photos of the clean-up and will share more updates as I get them. 🙂

I spent some time this morning with a young Great Black-backed Gull. You can’t tell from the photo but he’s huge. A blacked headed Mackerel Gull would barely reach his wings. He’s going to grow into an adulthood of being a “hunter, pirate, and scavenger”. Who knows how “pirate” got into his job description. I’ll keep watch.

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