I tell Fish all the time how lucky we are to live on this Island. He gets a lifestyle very different from one he’d “enjoy” in the city. (Note: he does have a life jacket but an impromptu trip this morning meant he went without.)

Ahuva and I arrived here 4 years ago yesterday after spending the night in St. George. I feel lucky for a lot of reasons. One of them, naturally, is getting to witness athletes participating in elite sporting events.

Another is that it’s a damn good place to sit out a pandemic. There are some unfortunate variables though, such as living 10 paces from Maine. That’s not usually a problem, but when a virus is raging and you have to go there for gas there are risks.

One family on that side of the bridge, who have connections on the Island, lost their matriarch to Covid on Monday. Her daughter is in the hospital fighting the same thing. They were vaccinated but the grandkids keep visiting from Florida. The younger generation says they’ve had their shots however that doesn’t stop people spreading something like the variant going wild in that State.

I saw something from the Maine Government that said 5 counties, including the one in which Lubec is situated, are supposed to mandate masks again. When I go for gas I see dozens of license plates from around the US and nobody in town covering their faces.

Oddly enough people are still managing to social distance. I suspect that’s something I will always do – even after this virus is just a memory.

I celebrated the anniversary in part by finally going to one of these games. I only managed to stay for one inning (because reasons) and will try to make all 9 next time.

Part of the attraction to spectators (in addition to the athletic prowess on display) is that, as the game proceeds, alcohol and other substances have a dramatic effect on the players’ abilities.

We were on the edge of the outfield so it wasn’t the best spot to see the action. I can’t complain about the view though. 🙂

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