A quick update to say that, when it arrives on Tuesday afternoon, we don’t expect much from Henri except rain and wind. The wind won’t be more than we’re used to so there’s no need to worry. However, we really, really don’t need any more rain. Mother Nature should just send the wet stuff where they’re begging for it. sigh

I’ve found myself much more laid back and easy going since I moved to this place. I have rarely lost my temper in the past few years (which would surprise a lot of people from my past). There are many reasons for this but mostly it’s because I’m happy. However, I still have some strong opinions and occasionally they get expressed.

One of the favourite past-times of some on the Island is to get people “wound up”. They know your hot buttons and deliberately push them just for their own amusement. I’m a favourite target of one of these guys (let’s call him Fred). Understand that, as shy as I am (cough), I will stand my ground and I can get quite vocal. This doesn’t mean I enjoy it – just that I will give as good as I get.

This morning I was sitting in the car, with a friend, talking to Fred and I guess my temper is getting as short as the rest around here (the herring are still not cooperating). Anyway, he said something and, instead of just staying quiet, I challenged him. We had a short but very intense argument and at the end of it he said “go back to the West Coast”. Apparently we think differently out there. My friend just laughed and said it was time somebody got him worked up.

This same friend has been involved in my “get those salmon nets cleaned up” project. He recently got a call from a “private” number. The anonymous voice said to drop the issue, “keep your eyes closed and your mouth shut or else”.

If that caller knew the Island, or knew my friend, he’d know he had as much chance of getting what he wanted as I do changing Fred’s mind on anything. But that might not have been the point.

I guess there are occasions when you have to blow off steam – even if it’s not going to do a damn bit of good. 🙂


  1. There are parts of this post that I find a bit concerning. Also – you are no more laid back than I am. Chew on that for a bit. 🙂 We might be MORE laid back than we’ve ever been, but there is almost no one I can think of who would consider either of us laid back. Henri has brought us rain and zillions of emergency alerts on our phones about wind and flash flooding. As I live on very high ground above the neighboring river and have no place to go today, the flooding is not too high on my personal list of worries. We seem to have dodged the wind problems as well (here). Perhaps you’ll be as fortunate. It does seem a bit unfair that we can’t ship some of this rain west. Ah well, it means instead of spending hours rebuilding my garden path I can curl up and read. As my grandmother said – every cloud has a silver lining. 🙂

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      1. Was that before or after you had them pinned to the wall with your car? 🙂 We already know that Island perspectives do not necessarily hold true off-island.

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