Not a Good Idea

Today’s photos are primarily of water – a few birds, a bit of Eastport Me, but mostly water. I wanted to show you that sometimes we can actually see the Bay. đŸ™‚

I often tell people that having a hand tremor can be good news. For example, if anybody on the Island was murdered with a gun I would not be on the suspect list. Nobody, but nobody, is going to hand me a weapon like that and expect me to be able to hit what I was aiming at.

I was talking to some fishermen this morning. The usual conversation centers around what happened the previous night when they all tried to shutoff herring and why it was Trudeau’s fault they didn’t get any (don’t ask).

Last night one boat had a chance at 100 tons of fish until 15 giant seals showed up and scared them away. Much of the talk was about getting rid of the seals.

My own suggestion was to get one of the sharks to swim by – that would certainly scare off any mammals hanging around. They, of course, defaulted to guns. One of the guys suggested that I be positioned in the stern of the boat with a shotgun.

The men who know me immediately, and loudly, nixed that idea. They told him they didn’t relish having buckshot in their own behinds. I assured them all it would be entirely accidental if that happened. grin

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