The Birds, at Least, Get Things Done

If you’ve been paying attention over the years, you will be able to tell where the herring are in the first photo 🙂 I saw a lot of working birds this morning and managed to get a few barely passable shots. I really need to take the tripod with me. Ah well.

I made a trip upriver yesterday. This was going to be the day I got a big list of food shopping done. It seems that I miscalculated and should have gone to Saint John.

The shelves in the Superstore were half empty. For example, I go through 16 4-liter jugs of spring water a month. The cost on the mainland is $1.50 less than it is on the Island so it’s worth it to stock up in St. Stephen. The store had only 2 of them.

When they did have what I wanted it wasn’t a smart purchase. The yoghurt had an expiry date of tomorrow. I can’t go through that much dairy in a short a period of time. So yes, I might be a bit grumpy. 🙂

Fish had a good time though. I was going to get him a car blanket (to save the ones I have in the house) but found a cheap dog bed. He immediately claimed ownership of this ugly brown & white thing and won’t let anybody else touch it. I tried to move the bed and he expressed extreme displeasure. He didn’t even thank me!

On a positive note, the Egret is back. There is always only one and I have no idea where she comes from or where she goes, but the pond near my house is on her itinerary for a short time each year. I decided to appreciate her and worry about my shopping list later. 🙂

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