Life is a Series of Tiny Little Mistakes

The days are getting shorter at (what seems to be) an inordinate speed. I took Fish for his morning excursion this morning and the sun hadn’t started warming anything up yet.

The first two shots were taken at FDR’s little cottage. Not only did he and his family spend many many summers here, it was during one of those vacations that he went swimming and contracted polio. It’s unfortunate that he and many others didn’t get a chance to receive the vaccine we all did.

The next image is of their view, over manicured lawns, out the front side of the building. The good news is that we were out there before the fog rolled in.

When I moved here I discovered that my car has a local doppelganger. The owner and her son live across the road on one of the headlands marking the border of my cove. She is now a resident of the Nursing Home here on the Island and her son (we’ll call him Larry) makes use of the vehicle.

Larry has some difficulties (stemming from incidents in his younger days which far too many of my generation can relate to) and spends most of his time driving in circles around this rock. I mentioned a long time ago that, being in the country, it is a convention around here to lift your hand in greeting to all the other cars/trucks/4 wheelers etc., that you encounter. Larry, unfortunately, rarely gets that friendly wave.

People often mistake my car for his. In fact one day I was stopped at a corner in Wilsons Beach and somebody opened my passenger door and said “Oh, You’re not Larry”. As a result of the confusion I often don’t get a friendly wave in return.

I’ve had it explained to me that they can’t tell us apart. I point out that he doesn’t have a license plate on the front of his car and I do (just because our overlords in Fredericton said we only needed one was no reason for me to make my life more difficult crossing Borders). The other difference, and the only one anybody seems to remember, is that one of my headlights has been out for a while.

Unfortunately, at the same time that the same headlight died on Larry’s car, I went upriver and got a replacement. Larry might be getting confused at the number of waves he’s now getting. 🙂

I give Fish a “treat” called Duck Tenders. It’s like duck jerky and it’s just duck – nothing else. He eats so little dog food that it’s my way of getting him to eat protein.

I made a serious error in judgment the other night and gave a piece to Brimmer, one of my regular canine visitors. He would come down at least once a day looking for a cookie. Well actually for 4 cookies. He won’t leave until I’ve done what he considers the minimum.

Unfortunately he has decided that only duck is now acceptable. I said I didn’t want to feed the whole neighbourhood on duck. He says that’s OK. I only have to give it to him. sigh


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