Sometimes I Think I’ll Just Wait til I’ve Had More Coffee

After all the rain yesterday today is supposed to be clear and sunny. The harbour was still in the shade when I was down there so things still look grey. 🙂

I had some visitors in the cove and I know you can’t tell from the photos but these are big birds. I first saw them a couple of years ago and thought they must be Eiders – but all the images of that bird I’ve found have a lot more white on them than the ones we get. You’ll see in the third image that they have a very distinctive head/beak. Somewhere in this house is my bird book – when I find it I might be able to identify them.

I’m in the middle of multiple projects at the moment. I spend the mornings getting the rest of the insulation put in the sunporch walls. With any luck I’ll be able to keep using it this winter. I can only get a few hours done at a time because my hands become impossible after physical exertion. It will get done though.

I also have to get more wood splitting and stacking done. About a cord of the firewood will be stored on the sunporch once it has gotten organized.

I know it’s late but if I can get a stretch of dry weather – something we haven’t had much of this summer – I really need to shampoo the rugs. They’ll just need some time to dry which won’t happen if the humidity is at 100%.

The last major project before winter will be redirecting the drain from the washing machine to the outside of the house. I’ll have an underground 55 gallon drum with small holes in the bottom. That will allow the grey water to drain slowly into the ground.

Last night a friend/neighbour had what appeared to be a stroke. The ambulance was going to take him to Saint John but he apparently had another one at the border so he’s been taken to Machias.

I had 4 different conversations with fishermen this morning during which they all said some version of “well, he just had his second shot” like it was somehow connected.

Even if you ignore his lifestyle choices and the inherent risk factors associated with them, one might possibly consider the fact that his father & uncle & cousin all had strokes making his family history potentially relevant.

Rather than getting into long debates about the issue at the crack of dawn I just pointed out that coincidence does not equal causation. Luckily we have few holdouts on the Island – they are going to latch onto any theory which justifies their reluctance. Good luck to them and us.


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