It Feels Early – Or Maybe I’m Just Behind

It was in the low 50s F (about 12 C) this morning. The leaves are starting to turn and some have even started falling. I saw my first V of geese heading south and I’m getting the hordes of hummingbirds on their way to their winter homes.

There are many ways to forecast the weather if you’re living in the country. I know this because I am the recipient of lots of pronouncements such as “there is a bumper crop of apples this year, we’ll have a really cold winter”.

I don’t know if they’re true but, certainly in the case of apples, I can agree the signs are there. Just don’t ask me to bet on what they mean. 🙂

I have to get my projects finished but this old body is reluctant. My hip seems to have developed an antipathy for lifting and twisting. I’ll give it a bit of a rest and just work on the sunporch. If we’re going to get blizzards I want to be able to watch them and the animals will agree – they can use blankets and each other to stay warm. 🙂

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