Muddled Minds

Honestly, you’d think I’d have learned by now. It’s hard enough to take a photo of something in motion when my camera is stable – doing it with hands trying to vibrate at record speeds is impossible.

This morning I was, once again, reminded of what it would have been like living in a Hitchcock movie. Out of the thousands of birds circling and flying past me I managed to get one shot in focus. I went out later with the tripod and took a few quick ones in my cove just to fill up this post.

I’m going to up the dose of my latest “calming” drug this week. 🙂

Being on Twitter can be a fun experience. It really depends on how seriously you take the trolls and how many steps back you can take from the truly demented.

This week has been a lot of fun if you’re a feminist – particularly if you’re a feminist in Canada.

We’re having an election tomorrow and those located to the right of the center of the political spectrum have suddenly realized that they’re probably not going to win. This is more than fine with me, but not with them or their supporters.

One of them, a man named Warren Kinsella (don’t worry if you haven’t heard of him, he’s known in political circles in this Country), wrote a piece for a particularly scummy Toronto newspaper. The title of the diatribe is “Women Know the Real Truth About Trudeau“. You don’t have to read it – just think “mansplaining what women know and getting it wrong”.

The fun part is that women (and men) responded on Twitter with less than supportive comments. The humour and very pointed jabs resulted in him doubling down and “explaining” that no man can be a feminist and we should all listen to him. Other men reposted his article and said all us women-folk should read it and learn something. They now have their own bruises. I haven’t enjoyed myself this much in a long time.

The whole thing reminded me of something I’ve been wanting to share with you. It’s about a wikipedia article I read on a woman I’d not heard of before. Unfortunately my brain refuses to remember her name.

I will come across it again and I’ll let you know. But that’s not the point.

The point is that this woman was rich enough to go have extraordinary adventures in the early 20th Century. She encountered chinese pirates, headhunters, famous artists, and world leaders. She had multiple marriages and, in spite of her scandalous behaviour, was one of society’s doyennes.

Her wikipedia article is fairly long – however most of it tells us all the famous men she had in her family. I still want to know more about her amazing life and I don’t know how the information that her second cousin was important helps me with that. I’ll have to ask Kinsella. He’ll be able to straighten me out. grin

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