Setting Up & Shutting Down – It’s Autumn

I haven’t been away from the house in days which is why I haven’t been taking pics and, therefore, not posting. Work has been getting done though. I got the sunporch set up and I’ve been moving firewood in to fill the racks out there. I can store slightly less than a full cord using them. I need to make space in the garage because I have 6 cords arriving from Deer Island – possibly today.

I was taking the usual boring photos this morning when this little girl arrived at the golf course. I didn’t have my tripod, naturally, so we’ll pretend these are impressionistic shots and not just slightly out of focus. sigh

I’m surprised she hung around as long as she did as the two dogs were being extremely vocal in the car. I keep explaining that this isn’t how hunting dogs are supposed to behave but they just ignore me.

Fall is definitely here, even if it’s warmer than usual. The leaves are turning, Herring Cove Park is now closed, and the ferry crew announced to their passengers yesterday that they will be shutting down on Thursday. Unless the Government suddenly announces they’ll pay for an extension we won’t have a water route off the Island until next summer.

I’ll make a run upriver this week just in case.

There’s a dim possibility that my trip to the mainland will be extended by a night. A friend says he’s going to take me where I can get shots of a moose. This would be great if a) I choose to believe they really exist and b) he actually does it. Neither of those two variables are guaranteed. I will take the tripod just in case.

Fish would naturally be going on the trip. Given that he’s terrified of turkeys, I have to assume a moose will be the equivalent of a horror movie. On the other hand, all four legged animals are (to him) potential puppy-mamas, so he might fall in love. This is fine as long as he doesn’t expect me to bring it home.


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