My Friend Debbie

I went to check the mail this morning and found my Property Assessment. This is hardly a momentous occasion, but it did lead me to think about my arrival here four years ago and all that has happened since. This is truly the best time of my life and I am exceedingly grateful every day.

I bought the house from the same family which had built it in 1937. Everything I’ve learned tells me they were people I would have enjoyed knowing. Although there were multiple owners at the time I arrived, it was still home to only one of them – Debbie.

Moving out of the home in which you were raised is not an easy thing for most people and I know it was difficult for her. Particularly since she was selling it to this complete stranger from away.

It could have been awkward – and not only because it’s a small Island. Debbie was working a few days a week directly across the street.

It wasn’t as uncomfortable (at least for me) as you might assume because she didn’t let it be. In fact she actively worked to make me feel welcome and a part of the community. She’s a darling woman.

There were times I’m sure it was very frustrating for her. I’m a city girl and had never dealt with a well for example (or a thousand other things). She always had time for me and my questions, and on multiple occasions descended into the basement with me to start up the (damn) thing again, patiently running through the same explanation over and over.

We have also done a few road trips together – Debbie is the only reason I have never gotten lost on the mainland. She deserves everybody’s gratitude for that. 🙂

I have never thanked her for all she has done. I do so now. I also want to make her 2 promises.

I pledge to eventually gather up the courage necessary to explore those attic spaces upstairs and find out just what is in there. The cats have been and the fact that they survived might be the only thing which convinces me to try. 🙂

I also want you, my friend, to know that – although I may never have the garden of my dreams – it will be my joy to carefully tend your mother’s Bleeding Heart. You, and she, have my promise that it will continue to bloom at that corner of your house for as long as I have any say in the matter.

Thank you for my forever home Debbie. I love you!


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