And Just Like That …

Another frost this morning – not enough to force me to scrape the car’s windows, but it was there. Fish and I went up to the Observation Deck in the Bog and please, next time somebody remind me to do that before there’s light in the sky if I want photos at sunrise.

It would be a kindness to also mention the 63 stairs I have to climb if I want to go up there. The path reminds me a lot of the trail to Wreck Beach in Vancouver (for those who are familiar with the way it used to be), however I was much younger when I was doing that.

I saw one other vehicle on the road during the 90 minutes we drove around this morning. Now, people may have been sleeping but it was very quiet here yesterday as well. The Ferry has been taking full loads off of here for a couple of days.

The sad news is that, after more than a year without, we now have new cases of Covid on the Island. There are more affected than last time and Contact Tracing/Testing are still ongoing. Many are in isolation awaiting their results and that stress must be enormous. Of course there are still those voices saying “it’s just a cold”. My worry is that these people will only be convinced to take it seriously if somebody they care about winds up on a ventilator.

Only one location was added to the Government’s Potential Exposure list. I think the Contract Tracing is being done by phone and the Tracers (who have truly done a phenomenal job throughout the pandemic) don’t know the Island. If they did they would automatically add the 2 stores and the pharmacy before probing for any others. There aren’t many places to go here and we all go to all of them. 🙂

It is Thanksgiving weekend and demonstrations of Community feeling are popping up. A small group arranged donations, from individuals and the two stores, to put together food parcels for some of those with the virus. Part of the motivation is to help them out during a difficult time and part, I think, is to feel like you’re doing something even if you’re not able to fix the problem.

My only good deed (apart from a bag of potatoes for the above mentioned project) was to mow my neighbour’s lawn. He doesn’t have Covid but it is his mower I use all season. I did point out before beginning that it wouldn’t be as good a job as the one he does (I’m not as anal) and that I wouldn’t be doing the big hill. I don’t want to die under a riding mower after rolling down a steep slope. Yes, I’m a wuss. 🙂

His place is the size of a football field so it’ll take a day of recovery before I go back and deal with the clippings. I’ll focus on projects which can be done sitting in a comfortable chair.

We’re supposed to have above average temperatures from now til Christmas. This is fine as long as the grass doesn’t grow, however I’m sure we’ll wind up paying for it in January. It does get cold at night – it was 37F (3C) this morning. The hardwood trees have progressed from a few leaves starting to turn colour to full blown autumn in just the last couple of days.

One of the reasons Fish and I went exploring this morning was to try and capture those colours. I managed to get the previous image before 2 ducks insisted on becoming involved. They were so intent on having their way I decided to share their efforts. Happy Thanksgiving!

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