Things Are a Mess, But at Least It’s Pretty

I was in a hurry this morning (you can tell I know) but I got a few more photos of autumn trees. The Island is very pretty right now but, frankly, it’s weird taking these pics in t-shirt weather. The high temperature yesterday was 68F (20C) and, yes, it’s the middle of October up here in the (relatively) North Atlantic.

Over the years I’ve shared images of the start of Lobster Season. It has always been -10 degrees and filled with mist. We’re only a few weeks away from that and either there’s going to be a fast/steep decline or it’s going to be really warm. I guess I shouldn’t complain but I still think we’re going to pay for this.

I’ve always intended to take a trip through Maine etc., to view the fall colours. I had too much work to do setting up this place initially and Covid has made it impossible for the last 2 years. This might be why I’m obsessed with taking pics of the changes here. Even when I’m in a rush. 🙂

Speaking of Covid. You might remember I told you that a neighbour was taken to the hospital recently with stroke symptoms. The local anti-vaxxers told everybody that it was because he’d had his first shot and it justified their determination not to get one. I kept saying coincidence does not equal causation but was drowned out. He had his second shot yesterday. This would not have been approved by his doctors if they thought the vaccine was at fault, however I doubt that this will make any difference to the skeptics.

This Province did extremely well for the first 18 months of the pandemic. I’m not the only one wishing that the Conservative government had not decided to open things up. We’ve had an explosion of cases and a lot more deaths. The health system is trying to cope but, as of this week, most elective procedures are postponed and the Hospitals are closed to visitors.

It sounds really good to say that you don’t want to punish the vaccinated because of the foot dragging of those who aren’t. However, people in both camps are suffering. For those who have difficulties with the issue – people aren’t dying of underlying conditions. They’ve been living with those. It’s Covid that’s killing them.

I’m not one of those who takes pleasure in the death or illness of somebody who won’t get the shots. I don’t think stupidity (or fear) should result in capital punishment. It’s the kids who need the most protecting right now – cases on the Island include at least one child who isn’t old enough to be vaccinated. Politics be damned. It’s time to go back to lockdowns – we know they work.

On a lighter note (grin) it’s warm enough to get work done in the yard, it’s pretty even if it doesn’t feel like the weather you expect based on nature’s rush to winter, and the colours make even that lot across from the school look good.

Good luck everybody. Be safe!

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