Sometimes “Island Time” Just Isn’t Good Enough

I caught a bit of the sunrise this morning before getting home to do my chores. The skies have been grey with breakthrough sun for a few hours each of the past few days.

Yesterday I finally had a problem resolved which has been bothering me every day since about September 13. Understand that I’ve been pretty vocal with my friends about this issue and, as a result, a number of my male associates promised to rectify the situation. As of yesterday they still hadn’t remembered. I had lost patience.

We had a Federal Election last month. A week before it happened a “new political party” had somebody put up their candidate’s signs around the Island. This was fair – they’re allowed to do that. Unfortunately this “party” is so far right it might as well just call itself Scum.

The guy putting up the signs thought it would be a clever idea to attach one to the power pole across from my place. He must have stood on the cab of a truck to do it and he pinned it more than 20 feet in the air to attract the attention of people coming down the hill next to me. It wasn’t a great job because it was twisted slightly away from the hill and aimed directly at the front of my house. As a result I had a bigoted misanthropic toad staring at me through my living room and sunporch windows.

I remained calm until after the election when signs are supposed to be removed. This one wasn’t. I called and left a message for the candidate. Nothing happened. I got a message to the guy who put it up. Still nothing. I carried my tallest ladder down the hill and tried to remove it but couldn’t reach it well enough.

I considered going back with a felt pen and drawing black hair and a Hitler moustache on him. It would have been an improvement.

Yesterday I found my pry bar. I went back down with the ladder and, just as I got it set up, Diane stopped to see what was going on. She held the ladder while I pulled the sign off the bottom nail. Then Barbie stopped and she was tall enough to get it off the top one. This felt like a major win and dramatically improved my view.

Island time is all well and good. Men offering to help you with a problem is great if you’re willing to wait a LONG time. If you really want it done, get some women to do it. šŸ™‚


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