When You’re in the Storm

Today was supposed to be the one where I went out to Friar’s Head and fed the fox. As you can see by the images (I hope) the wind and rain arrived. Big wind.

The weather forecast said “bands of heavy rain” so I went out hoping for short periods of dry wind. Luckily I got one.

I’ve taken a few pictures at Liberty Point during storms and can never get what I want. I’ll keep trying but I think I’m getting closer.

It would help if my hands didn’t shake – it was tough enough just standing upright. 🙂

Covid continues to make its presence felt. One of the impacts of cases is the reaction of people to our current situation. The ferry won’t take cash from residents at the moment. The biggest store (of the two) on the Island has had customers disappear because of an exposure notice.

I went to Lubec yesterday to get gas and for the first time was the focus of attention because of my nationality. Understand that as the following took place I was the only one wearing a mask.

I pulled up and got out of the car and an old guy I don’t know approached me, said “Good Morning” and then took a close look at my license plate. He went to join a group of mostly fishermen on the other side of the pump.

I went in and gave them my money to get the pump turned on and then back out. By the time I started putting gas in the car the conversation had progressed to “They let those f*cking Canadians in here without vaccinations” and “It’s no wonder we have Covid, they’re bringing it over” and “It’s cause we have a stupid President”.

That was fun.

I didn’t say anything – even though it was clear they wanted me to hear them. I did keep my mask on.

The same old guy walked to the edge of the Station lot and made sure I saw him watch to see if I turned the corner back to the Border.

That was the first time in the past 20 months I’ve heard push-back about essential travel exemptions. It was surprising and a teensy bit scary.

August 8 the US is supposed to open its Borders to fully vaccinated Canadians. That might calm down the crowd. Unfortunately, it will probably mean that Premier Higgs will stop paying for the ferry because we can just drive through Maine. Ugh.

The only ones having fun this weekend are the seagulls trying to eat the little shrimp being blown ashore. Every time a wave of water arrived another wave of birds took off. It’s not a great shot but you’ll get the idea. 🙂

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