Whatever Works

Just a few shots from this morning as the sun came up. I included more Lobster Boats between the Lighthouse and the Wolves – I counted 30 just from one angle. There’s also a shot I took just to prove that there is still some colour on the Island. 🙂

Boats aren’t the only thing I count at this time of year. I make sure I have the supplies I’ll need to get through the winter – going to a store for essentials isn’t an option if the snow comes as it is forecast. This year I’ll have to double the supply of cat food – the kitten eats an enormous amount. LOL I’m counting sleeps til the end of the month just to refill the shelves of canned food for them. They’ll be fine, they can live on dry and well water until then. This might make them appreciate their usual diet. grin

Speaking of the kitten, I have to revise the number of toes I told you he has. In my own defense it isn’t easy making a young animal lie calmly on its back while you inspect its feet. At first I thought he had 6 on each paw – so 24. I now know he has 6 on his front feet and 7 plus a dew claw on each of the back. So that’s 28. There are also potentially dew claws buried underneath the front toes. Unless nails appear I’m going to let the Vet figure that out. I think I’ll also let the professionals trim them.

I also “count” on friends to help me with projects around the house. I’ve figured out how to deal with the whole “I’m busy” excuses – because they’re ALWAYS busy. I’ve learned to just contact a friend and say I need one of my power tools returned so I can get something done. He shows up very quickly and does the task himself – with lots of mumbling about me probably cutting off a finger or foot. I just stand there and innocently say “thank you”. My list of projects is getting demonstrably shorter. 🙂

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