It’s That Grey Scale Time of Year

l can tell the season is changing because the view outside my windows has turned to black & white. Much like early televisions, there doesn’t seem to be much colour. The sky is grey, the water is grey, the land and trees look dark, and the weirs are black lines on a sea dyed gunmetal blah. The fog and vapour, even if not heavy, add to the sameness of the landscape.

Well, except for small pops of colour – mostly from hardy shrubs along the shore. Snow will brighten things up. 🙂

Today’s post is just a collection of random bits that have occurred to me as I shop for winter supplies. The first involves an issue near and dear to the hearts of all women.

You know that internet meme? The ones that goes – The only thing a woman really want begins with the letter ‘p’ and ends with the letter ‘s’. It’s true and the answer, sorry guys, is “pockets”.

I have for years purchased men’s outdoor jackets. They are less expensive than women’s and they don’t have cute details and don’t come in pink. They have the added advantage of pockets. Lots of pockets.

My vest and heavy jacket are both Caterpillar brand (think farm equipment). Not only do they keep me warm they provide me with lots of places to carry stuff. The vest has 6 pockets, the jacket (and I just counted to confirm this) has 15. The only downside I can think of is that it sometimes takes me a while to figure out which pocket I used for each thing I’m carrying . 🙂

I tell people I buy dog biscuits in bulk because I have a lot of canine visitors at the back door insisting that they never get fed. In truth, I buy about 6 pounds of Milkbones a month. The problem is that they really do contain milk and Fish is allergic to dairy. He is not happy that all his friends get this treat and he doesn’t.

I went searching for an alternative – it turns out that web searches for “dairy free dog treats” keep returning “grain free” and Milkbones. sigh Then I discovered that you can get some Costco brand products on Amazon. This month’s order will include a 15 pound box of their bone-shaped, dairy free cookies. I should be set for a couple of months.

One last thing, and my latest “duh” moment. The calming diffuser I’m using for the cats is working so well I decided to try a dog version. (It’s either that or install a mute button in Fish!) I’m also getting one for a friend’s dogs (so they stop eating mattresses and couches). The cost is pretty high and I was gritting my teeth until I did a little research and discovered that their refills will fit in the cat diffusers I already have. Yay!

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to brighten up an otherwise dull day. 🙂

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