Indoor Chores

The first image is of last night’s “calm before the storm” sunset. It was very windy all day out on the water – in fact, it was so bad that many of the tough manly fishermen were threatening mutiny if they weren’t returned to shore. They’ll get a day off today. 🙂

Tomorrow will be very windy again – although they’ve backed off on the rain. I think ours is going to add to the totals in Nova Scotia – sorry about that.

Lots of wind and rain is here now and the landscape looks a lot different this morning. I still went looking for pops of colour though.

One of the shots is of something I am reliably informed is called a Red Berry Tree. (I’ll just add that to my notes for the Campobello-English Dictionary and hope I find a translation for the rest of us. I do know it’s not Mountain Ash/Rowan – when I discover what it really is I’ll let you know.) Someday I’ll have my camera ready to take a really good photo of these trees. In full sun their white bark and crimson berries are spectacular.

I’ve been telling you about the various harbingers of heavy snowfall noticed this year e.g., large apple crops, large wasp nests on high branches, etc.,. Well the number of berries on these trees is another. People needed some way to forecast weather before meteorologists and TV News. I guess I’ll know if these “signs” are accurate this winter.

The house firewood racks are full and the stack in the garage is growing. I have a lot more wood to process but it can wait until there isn’t a constant downpour.

Plans for today included making bread – I’ve discovered that English Muffin Loaf makes great toast. It has a nice crumb and a nice crisp crust. I’m also going to make some scones and get them packaged for the freezer.

I’ve discovered a few things about freezing vegetables I would never have considered. These include celery, green onions, and baked potatoes. All of which I’ll do next month.

I have to brag that I’ve been pretty productive lately. Much of that has to do with the fact that friends drop by for coffee on their way to go lobster fishing – at 4:00 am. sigh

Yesterday morning I found myself cleaning the fridge and it was only 7:00. This is not how I thought retirement was going to go. 🙂

I am determined to get the baking done today in spite of the temptation to sit down and start reading a new book I got by our most famous astronaut. I’ll just tell myself it will be more enjoyable with a fresh warm scone.


  1. LOVE that top photo!!!! That is beautiful. 🙂 If friends are dropping by at 4am, I hope you have one of those programmable coffee makers. We do, but have never needed to program it. What is English muffin loaf? you make the English muffin dough but bake it as a loaf? sounds delicious. you’re making me hungry.

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    1. LOL Thank you!
      I have an old Tassimo – I also have a supply of the mild tasteless coffee they all prefer. As you know I’m more an Americano type. 🙂
      I use the recipe in a book I bought for bread machines but any would do – like this one
      Although mine doesn’t include baking soda as well as yeast. 🙂 You know how sometimes bread turns crumbly when you toast it? This doesn’t.


  2. Well I’ve never heard it called a “red berry tree”, lol but I have heard it called a mountain ash and I would go with that 🤷‍♀️

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    1. I’m sure you’re correct but I’m going to stay cautious for a couple of reasons. The berries are bigger than the mountain ash I see around the Island and the bark doesn’t look right. However, I’m making a note to check next spring when the leaves appear. There will be no doubt if they’re Mountain Ash then.


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