At My Age

It was just a few weeks ago I told you that it got up to 17C (63F). Well lately it’s been a few degrees below freezing and the wind chill has had moments down to -10C (14F). We’re supposed to get 6″ of snow on Monday. A few boats went out today but the rest are waiting til the winds die down tomorrow.

I’ve got a pile of vegetables to process/cook/bake and then freeze this morning. Once that’s done I’ll go back to splitting and stacking wood.

One of the local guys is supposed to be helping me by using a big splitter to do the logs I can’t handle. He is, in most respects, a very nice fellow. However. He is also one of those shining examples of “I have balls and so I know more than you do” archaic beings often referred to as Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis.

The job will get done but one of us is going to have to modify their behaviour – and it’s not going to be me.

He didn’t like the tools available and decided to wait until he could get what he wanted. My equipment would be too slow. I pointed out that my stuff works faster than not doing anything for a few weeks.

He has the unfortunate habit of ignoring what I want and doing things the way he wants. It’s my house, my wood, and if he doesn’t understand something he should ask. He doesn’t. So every time he sneers or ignores my wishes I send him home.

I don’t care how much I like him or how much I need his help (everybody else is fishing) there’s only so much testosterone-driven BS this old bird will tolerate at any given time. 🙂


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