This Winter

Yeah, it’s supposed to rain today. You can see what has happened so far in spite of the fact that the snow is not actually supposed to be here until Monday. I forgot to change camera batteries this morning – I promise to get better shots next time I’m out.

I saw one meteorologist the other day saying that our winter this year could be as bad as the one they had in 2007. I’m told stories about that – snow drifts higher than some roofs. So, I’m doubling up my preparations.

We got a lot of the wood split and inside on Thursday thanks to Nick’s loan of a 21 ton splitter. It’s also thanks to the help from not only my “thorn in my side” who works very hard when he’s concentrating, but also my friend Diane.

She worked for hours on the splitter and I took her role yesterday. That woman is a lot stronger than I am – I mean I was loading logs the boys didn’t think I should try lifting. However, she was operating a valve I found exhausting in much less time. More may get done today but I’ve got chores to do indoors. I won’t feel guilty about not helping. Well, yes I will but stuff has to get done.

The Government has announced that they’ve been nice (!?!) long enough and so the Ferry will end in December. We’ll be back to driving through Maine if we want to reach the mainland or maybe find some fishermen willing to do taxi service. Trips to the Vet for neutering surgery will have to wait until June. Maybe I’ll start drinking.

I decided to introduce Ciaran to catnip this week. I mean, it’s never to early to get a kitten stoned. As I was spraying the magic stuff on a couple of the soft toys Fergus started yowling from another room. He kept it up until I gave him some – living with addicts is not easy. 🙂

Yesterday Fish was asleep in my lap and Ciaran joined us by climbing up and curling around the dog’s head. It was very cute. He watched Fish for a while and then used one of his giant paws to punch him in the face.

I thought I would have to get another dog to give Fish a playmate. It turns out I just needed a kitten.

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