Days of Discovery

It turns out that the camera works much better when the batteries are properly charged. Go figure! I’ve fixed the charger so the only issues now should rest with the operator.

It’s cold. Not as cold as it will get but wind chills are below -12C (10F) and if you’re on blood thinners that wind is vicious. I still think it’s pretty but I don’t have to go out on the water fishing. Sure they’re tough but those guys are nuts.

Speaking of going out on the water … I told you years ago that I discovered that waves in the North Atlantic cheat by rolling in all 4 directions. This discovery was accompanied by my first ever experience with sea sickness.

I’ve also told you that someday soon I want to go to Sable Island and see the horses. This has been a dream of mine since I was a young child. I did some research this past week and learned that the Island is 290 km (180 miles) off the shore of Halifax!?!

One fisherman, who has worked in the waters out there, told me it would be at least a 9 hour boat trip each way. I’m not sure there’s enough Dramamine available for me to survive that much North Atlantic.

You can fly or take a helicopter. I don’t think I own anything worth enough to mortgage to afford either of those options. I’m not saying the dream is dead. It’s just going to have to wait until a solution presents itself. There are a lot of things to see in the Maritimes – I’ll still be able to have many adventures. 🙂

Speaking of adventures … remember Ciaran? That 28-toed kitten which moved in here a month ago? He’s thriving and he and Fish are raising hell. He does, however, have one quirk I’ve never encountered with my previous cats.

I discovered this one afternoon when he’d only been here a few days. There I was, sitting in my recliner, watching TV, enjoying a warm piece of chocolate cake. I felt something and looked down and Ciaran’s head was buried in my dessert. He not only eats enough cat food for 3 adult felines, I think he’d arm wrestle me for my supper. I’m doomed.


  1. My brother in law worked for Environment Canada and was stationed at Sable Island for a while. He had some great stories.

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