Snow Day Incidentals

We woke up to a surprise this morning. There’s not a lot of snow, at least not yet. Depending on your choice of reliable weather sources we are either expecting up to a foot of the white stuff on Wednesday or none.

The good news is that the new Highways Maintenance crew is a group of guys who will work all hours. I got along great with the previous bunch and wish them well in their retirement – however, they didn’t usually start clearing and/or sanding til after 7:00 am. The new trucks are on the road at 3:30. If we actually get all the snow this winter we’re supposed to, they won’t get much sleep.

I can’t say that many of the boats are getting a lot of lobsters this season (unfortunately). Some of the fishermen are pinning their hopes on scallops in January. There’s a tiny glitch there.

A meeting will be held this week to decide if any scalloping will be allowed in this area. There have been reports that the final tally concluded that the quota was exceeded last year so nobody knows yet if they’ll be going. Or for how long.

Typically the Scallop Season only lasts for a couple of weeks maximum, but it can be lucrative. Currently the prices are fairly high so fingers and toes are crossed waiting for Tuesday’s decision.

I know people are tired of the pandemic – fair enough. We can still trip over humour in this situation though and I thought I’d share this from Twitter for your amusement:

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