I’m Just Listening to Them

Lots of wind and rain in the past 24 hours. This coincided with tides more extreme than usual (27 to 29 feet, rather than 24). Today is clear and colder with some wind – so we have a day to get ready for the possibility of that dump of snow tomorrow.

I’m still ticking off items on my list of chores, one of which was setting up (again) to use the ArriveCan app on my phone. When it was first released it was not a slick piece of programming. In addition, it didn’t save any information and you had to fill out pages of fields every time you went to get gas. We all stopped using it.

The good news is that in the past year they’ve realized some of us have “special” circumstances and are going across the border frequently. So, yes, it will be mandatory to have your information loaded in the App to travel through Maine beginning in mid-January. However, you only have to do it once and it takes 10 minutes. Make sure you have your receipt code, carry a copy of your vaccination record in the car, and you’re set no matter how often you travel.

These facts do not necessarily match up with the rumour mill.

I listened to 2 gentlemen this morning bemoaning the lack of privacy inherent in giving the Govt your phone (they don’t want your phone), the need to constantly fill out the form (wrong), and the legitimate issue for people without phones or computers.

The thing is that you can set it up on any computer. I could set you up on mine and get you the code and you could sail through without even needing a phone. The smart ones will look at me and ask for that favour (gladly given). The rest are enjoying their angst too much. šŸ™‚


  1. One day I will make it back to your little island to visit you. When I do, please plan carefully about to whom I will be introduced. As I don’t have to live with them, I may not suffer fools gladly, bless their little hearts. *grin* LOVE this batch of photos.

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