My Definition of Normal

It’s a good thing the temperature isn’t below freezing today because the windchill would be unbearable. As it is I wouldn’t want to be working outside today. A couple of hardy crews ventured out to haul traps – I still think they’re nuts.

Today’s images are from the south end of the Island; the Mulholland Point lighthouse with Lubec, Maine in the background, a couple of shots of Lubec, and some waves. You might notice that one of the latter includes a bit of pavement – that’s our Ferry Landing. πŸ™‚

As I write this Fish and Ciaran are chasing each other around the house causing mayhem. I’m glad they have bonded and play together but I would rather they didn’t do it on my bed at 4:00 am.

Fergus and Duff mostly avoid the two trouble makers. When they are all in the same room the older cats roll their eyes and mutter “children” under their breath. The good news is that the toy basket is emptied on a regular basis and the old guys can be found playing when they think nobody is watching. They don’t spend as much time hiding on the second floor either. I don’t think they’d admit to liking the kitten but they’re obviously relieved it wasn’t another dog.

Speaking of Ciaran – I know I revised his toe count from 24 to 28. That was premature – he may have a few more. There are no obvious dew claws on his front paws but it would appear that nails are coming up through the pads on both feet. He’s going to the Vet next week and they will trim all the nails (I don’t want to traumatize him by doing it badly for his first experience) and make a plan for the outliers.

Going to the Vet means going to the mainland – only possible if the Ferry is running so cross your fingers the wind will be absent that day. They aren’t extending the Ferry past the end of the month so I need to also get Ciaran vaccinated to facilitate a future trip through Maine for his neutering (and any weird nail removal).

The conversation I had with the Vet’s office was a little strange. They were surprised by the number of toes I said he has (their previous record was 24) and then asked me if I planned to keep him !?! The woman on the phone also said they don’t typically remove the extra toes. I don’t know what kind of customers they’ve dealt with in the past but I’m just concerned about strange nails appearing through normally smooth pads.

This reminded me of something from a sci fi novel I read in which there was a test question. It went something like “How many feet does a (made up animal on some distant planet) have?” The correct answer was “as many as it thinks it needs”. Ciaran is just fine the way he is. πŸ™‚

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