Bright Lights on a Small Island

I’ve included a couple of shots from our recent snow fall – I had to, there wasn’t a lot of light when I went out this morning as you’ll see. The blurry flag in one of them is not down to my shaky hands, there was some wind.

It is supposed to get a lot calmer this morning which means that the Ferry will be running and, speaking of which, there is some good news. They’ve extended it through May. Yes, this is a major about-face and we suspect it has to do with an impending renewal of border restrictions. Whatever the reason there is much relief hereabouts.

One of the reasons I went so early was that I wanted to share a photo of the bridge between us and Lubec, Maine. They raised money over there to string Christmas lights across the whole structure and apparently it looks great.

The good news is that they achieved a measure of international cooperation to get them up but couldn’t get permission from either side to power the lights at a Customs Office. They managed to acquire a generator but aren’t running it all night – so I’ll have to go back one evening to try to get you an image.

I’ve managed to get Christmas lights put up on my house – nothing dramatic you understand. It’s not a huge display. It has, however, annoyed my resident ghost. At least he’s punishing me for something by messing with my attempt at seasonal cheer.

A portion of my decorating efforts went into putting lights on a wreath my sister gave me. It looks pretty good in the dark – at least it does when the lights are working. A few nights ago it turned off somehow. I don’t understand why – the strings outlining the porch didn’t go out and they’re attached to it. I was waiting for a warmer day to replace them when they came back on. This has happened twice – on for a couple of days and then off for two.

I also have a string inside around one of the windows in the living room. Suddenly it went out. I spent a lot of time testing all the bulbs, and replaced 2 of them, but nothing worked. This morning I pulled the big heavy couch away from the wall to replace the extension cord and discovered that it had been disconnected. Nobody in this house (at least nobody living) did that.

I had a retired fisherman in the house the other day and he was telling stories about the former owner. I was telling him about the banging on the wall if I play the music too loud and then made the mistake of saying my ghost had left me alone lately. Remind me not to tempt fate in the form of cranky and otherworldly apparitions.

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