String Theory

I just made a quick trip to Jackson’s this morning – the roads aren’t great – but this is no criticism of the Highways guys. They’ve been out since before 2 this morning and the snow hasn’t stopped. We’re supposed to get a couple more bouts with the white stuff later this week so I don’t think this is going to melt.

Let’s talk briefly about science … and ghosts. sigh There have been a lot of breakthroughs in the past few years and some of them are enormously helpful on the homefront. I give you Rapid Covid Tests as an example – those things are mind-blowing to somebody who remembers how big a deal it was to get a home pregnancy test.

We’ve had the convenience of christmas lights much, much longer. They’ve been improved over the years but the basic principle of a rope with lights on it has stayed the same.

I look at them and, to my eyes, it’s a series of bulbs with different coloured plastic covers – so (in some cases) you have multi-coloured lights on whatever it is you decide to decorate. It’s just the covers which makes the difference. It’s not like there’s something in the wiring which dictates the hues. Right? Note: it’s been suggested there are themes available and I should find the button. This is a very basic string – there are no themes, there is no button. I’ve looked. But thankyou! 🙂

I told you about the issues I’ve been having with the few lights I’ve put up to try and demonstrate a seasonal spirit. Well it’s gotten weirder.

The issues I’ve been having with the lights on the wreath have changed. Oh it still goes off for a few days and then suddenly decides to work for a while. However, I noticed yesterday that, instead of the whole string of lights coming back, only the blue and green ones are lit. The yellow and red bulbs remain dark.

Logically and scientifically this doesn’t seem possible. Electrons don’t care about the colour of a piece of plastic mounted nearby.

It’s my ghost messing with my head. This may not seem like something in the spirit “Good Will to All” but I have a suggestion for where he might want to go sit. And rotate.

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