Only Partly My Own Fault

Today you get a few shots of the area near me in the snow – from the other day. I’m not going anywhere for a couple of days to get new photos because circumstances have arisen. grin

The two youngest in the house were supposed to go to the Vet today – both of them need their nails trimmed. Fish could pick locks with his at the moment but between my tremor and his attitude I can’t do anything about that. Ciaran needs the needles on his 28 toes dealt with before my legs and the shower curtain are both irreparably damaged.

Unfortunately a storm is moving in. The snow is supposed to stay north of us, but the rain & wind will make relying on the ferry a real gamble. So, we’ll try again next week.

The other reason I’m not moving much is a little complicated – I’ll try to simplify the problem. At its heart is a combination of me being sloppy with my schedule, the quirks of technology, and the difference in time zones between this place and the great State of Maine.

The intense efforts to get the firewood split, stacked, and (for some of it) stored in the house has resulted in a great case of bursitis in my hip. I occasionally take half a big kid’s pain pill but would make a really bad druggy. I love being pain free but don’t enjoy the brain fog. The good news is that a cortisone injection works really well – at least until I start working with large logs and a 21 ton splitter.

I had an appointment for the magic needle on Monday so I thought I’d be pro-active and moved a lot of wood indoors. I wouldn’t usually do that much at one time because my hip punishes me, however, I figured the cortisone would make it alright. I double-checked the time of the appointment when I was at the Clinic last week – and still missed it.

I had put it in my calendar incorrectly but my phone showed the right time when I was at their desk and confirmed with them. Why? Because I was at the south end of the Island, my phone had switched to a cell tower in Maine, and my calendar was showing their time not ours. At my end of the Island I only saw the wrong hour I’d entered and went too late.

Sooo – I have another opportunity for relief tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m not moving much. At least I can sit out the storm with lots of wood while I watch Fish and Ciaran sharpen their claws and act out Wrestlemania. 🙂

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