You Might Say I’m Lazy

Yesterday morning the sunrise was full of clouds – the wind came up and it was cold but nothing like today. This morning’s temperature was -12C (10F) and the windchill is reported as -21C (-6F). It’s pretty though. The water has a carpet of sea smoke (vapour) and as long as you’re in a heated space it’s tolerable.

Tomorrow is Christmas Day and I wish everyone a season of peace and good health.

I didn’t manage to get all the gifts I planned this year. It’s not like I give much to anybody but a box of nice shortbread is usually on the list. The online options weren’t attractive, I don’t bake, and a trip to Saint John was out of the question. So maybe a New Year’s token will be achievable.

I did get toys for the cats and dog. It seems like something you should do even though they’re going to wonder why it doesn’t happen everyday. 🙂

I began a new Christmas dinner tradition when I moved here having had my fill (pun intended) of cooking for days and sitting down to a feast. I mean it was a pleasure to do but exhausting. Also, it’s not like I have any family etc., here to have over.

That’s the downside. The upside is that I have a lot of friends nearby.

They understand – or are learning – that it’s an Open House arrangement here. I make the fixings for the best part of the Christmas dinner – the turkey sandwiches. People wander in as they like and make their own. lol They even wander in during the subsequent few days, go in the fridge, and use whatever is left to make more. It’s a relaxed and happy way to spend this time.

I’ll leave you with a typical fishing village Christmas Tree. Take a giant pile of lobster traps, decorate with colourful trap buoys and lights, and you have a beautiful festive display. Happy Holidays!

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