Just Another Day

I know you’ll be astonished that I waited until the sun came out this morning to go get a few shots. πŸ™‚ There are some pics around a cute little cabin on the Point – not enough room for all my animals but I’d still love to live there.

It’s a balmy -4C (25F) and almost no wind. The revised forecast for our winter says we’ll be above average in temperature (my apologies to the West Coast) with fewer big storms. However, they say, that could change. So, nobody really knows.

I know I haven’t given you an update on the Great Salmon Net Debacle. There are “plans” in place but I’m waiting to see if they actually come to fruition. If they don’t I might have to unpack my old persona. As difficult as it might be to believe, given the easy going self people hereabouts have met, some of my clients referred to me as “The Bulldozer”. This was said with love of course. πŸ™‚

The lobster boats are working hard in spite of the small catches. Current prices are higher so they can make a living some days.

Scallop season starts the second tuesday in January and many of the boats have been getting their rigging in place. The good news is that the quota has been raised and (right now) they’ll have two weeks to drag. The even better news is that I might get to eat a few.

On the home front the weather should be good enough this week to take the two youngest beasts to the Vet in St. George on Wednesday. The tricky part will be not missing the last ferry back to the Island.

Enormous flocks of gulls are chasing the herring back and forth every tide while the latter chase the shrimp. The line of birds stretches for miles giving a good indication of the number of fish out there. Now if they just cooperate this summer. πŸ™‚

That round net on the shed wall above is the type used to scoop herring out of weirs if a pumper isn’t used. It’s a lot of work catching them for the fishermen and for the gulls. Some, however, choose the lazy route and just wait for the boats to deliver.

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