Frozen (um, but without the Story or Music)

It’s -16C (-3F) this morning if you don’t include the windchill. That takes it to between -23 and -26C (-9F to -15F) depending on which weather source you accept.

I’ve spoken many times about sea smoke (vapour) which forms when the air is colder than the water. If you add wind then you get a beautiful coating of ice on everything within a 100 yard stretch along the shore (if the wind is onshore at that point).

Tomorrow it’s forecast to go up to 8C (47F) with rain and more wind. Friday? Well, they say that on Friday we’ll get 8 inches of snow.

The Scallop Season is supposed to start next Tuesday, but the three local Fundy Fishermen’s Associations are voting today to delay for a week or so. A cold front is apparently on its way (today doesn’t count).

Here’s the thing, at this temperature the lobster claws fall off when you pull the traps out of the water. The scallops die when they are hauled in to air this cold. So, there’s no point in fishing when your catch is unusable (and why waste that precious resource?).

Boats are still heading out today. The lobster traps are being landed and, in some cases, gear readied for scalloping.

I could take these images while sitting in a warm car. It’s colder out there on the water and I don’t envy those guys. Good thing they’re tough. And nuts.

I’m a wuss, so will wait til the warm weather tomorrow to fill the house with firewood. I’ll just sit in my chair and read a book while I respond to texts from various boats whining about the cold. ๐Ÿ™‚

On the home front, Fish doesn’t want his winter jacket thankyou very much. Not even in these ridiculous temperatures. He obviously spends too much time with fishermen and thinks he’s tough. I figure it’s just one more indication that he was dropped on his head as a puppy.

The cats and I are much more sensible. They fight (politely) for the pet beds closest to the woodstove or climb under the blankets on my lap while I read. It’s a good life. ๐Ÿ™‚

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