Snow Days

We really do obsess about weather – and fair enough, particularly in recent years. Here on the Island we had our first Nor’easter of the winter yesterday. Much more snow than they’d predicted and a whole lot of wind.

I haven’t been here long enough to become blasé about the snow – give me another 20 years. 🙂 Yes, again, I know I’m privileged to not have to work in it, or survive on the streets in it, or commute in it, or even shovel it (a friend even plows my driveway for me). Still, I really enjoy it. This is my favourite season in part because of it (well, that and the absence of mosquitoes).

Things get a lot more dicey over the next few days. The temperatures will warm up from the current -8C (17F) to a few degrees above freezing tomorrow and bring a bit of rain. Just enough to form an exciting layer of ice on top of the snow.

On Monday the forecast says it will get progressively (and quickly) colder until it reaches a low of -18C (0F) with a lot of wind. Tuesday it will get worse. By my calculations, the windchill Monday night will bring the temperature down to -33C (-27F).

I told you the three Fishermens’ Associations were voting on whether or not to postpone the opening of Scallop Season on Tuesday because of the predicted weather. Two voted in favour of that option. The good folks on Grand Manan voted against – and it has to be unanimous.

Some boats will still decide to stay at the wharf – not only does the temperature affect the scallops, working on the water in high winds and ridiculous cold is very hard on the crews. Still boats will go out and a number of other Captains will not want to risk the quota being reached before they can get as big a share of the catch as possible.

I’ll read a book. 🙂

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