A Person Could Get Whiplash

One of the advantages of age – at least for me – is that you have to get up a couple of times in the night to visit the bathroom. This is a good thing if you need to tend the wood-burning stove to keep the house warm in the midst of truly impossible temperatures.

At 3:00 this morning I looked outside and the moon shone brightly in a clear sky down on the layer of sea smoke (vapour) covering the water in my cove. It looked like a shot from above the clouds out a plane’s window. I did not go outside to take a photo – I may be old but I’m not demented. Yet.

It is currently -18C (just below 0F) and the wind isn’t as strong as it will be so the windchill is a measly -28C (-18F). I took these images out the window of the car and my camera kept saying that my battery was depleted. No it wasn’t, it was fully charged. It was suffering from the cold. So, I would let it warm up on the dashboard and then try again further down the road. 🙂

This first day of Scallop Season there was a lot of text chatter and phone calls between Captains talking about whether or not they’d go out. My last count says that 4 out of the 24 boats rigged for dragging actually left the wharf. One came right back in. One stayed out a couple of hours. As far as I know 2 are still scalloping.

Last Friday we had a Nor’easter – howling winds and snow. Sunday we had rain. Yesterday the temperatures started to drop til it got to the misery we’re in now. Within 12 hours it will be above freezing and tomorrow there will be a snow storm. I believe it’s supposed to rain again on Friday. Meteorologists will be earning their money this winter. 🙂

I did warn people (in my best Cassandra impression) last December that we would pay for the unusually warm autumn and early winter. This, however, is like something Salvador Dali would create.

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