Update: They Lied?

People make mistakes. We all do at one time or another. Still – if it’s your job, and your only job, to tell me what the temperature is going to be I expect you to be at least close, if not accurate.

I told you yesterday that it was -17C (1F) with a horrible windchill BUT it was going to warm up considerably during the course of the day. It would – according to the experts – go above freezing and we would get snow today.


It’s 4:30 am on the next day (my kitten talks to himself and woke us all up) and it is currently -19C (-2F). The only good news is that there doesn’t seem to be much wind. Still, that’s a temperature which doesn’t even remotely resemble the forecast.

The gulls don’t care – particularly when there’s a scow covered in salmon feed they can dine on for hours. I care. The inhabitants of this Island care. The fishermen care.

They are once again promising that it will warm up today and we will get snow. Just in case, I don’t think I’ll make any plans which involve the outdoors. 🙂


  1. We also had 1° here in “Mont-shire.” My poor heating system couldn’t keep up, luckily it is a very small apartment and so I turned the oven on and opened its door for a while & that was enough to boost the baseboard registers. I need to do the same right now, although at 4 AM it is now a balmy 4° F outside.

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