The 3% Tax

Just take the ridiculous temperatures as a given. You should also just assume endless wind warnings. I’m running out of ways to say the same thing with different words every time I post. 🙂

Fish has run out of patience with the howling winds and keeps telling them to be quiet. By “telling them” I mean barking. They don’t seem to understand dog language – or they just don’t care what he thinks. He still reaches a point every day where he loses it and decides once again to impose his will on the elements – and fails.

Fishing is tough in this weather but they’re all trying. It’s a short season made even shorter by the limited number of days they can go out – maybe the Powers That Be will extend it. In the meantime, prices the boats get for scallops range from $17 to $21 a pound dependent on their size. This is a big jump from last year, so if you’re planning to eat some you’d better factor that into your budget.

The power has stayed on – mostly. There have been blips just long enough to make it necessary to reset flashing clocks on the kitchen appliances. Our less than dependable internet has been struggling as well. I had a Skype call yesterday and both our screens kept freezing (mirroring the landscape I guess). Still, it could be much worse.

Our Province is back in lockdown for two weeks. Nobody, who doesn’t have to be, wants to be outside anyway. Those that do have pulled out the extreme wardrobes (picture fishermen in Trooper Hats) and it makes mask wearing a sensible way to keep your face warm.

I did learn something new the other day. A young friend of mine is negotiating with his Bank to buy a house here on the Island. His parents have been involved in the discussions and I had a chat with his Mother. The papers were all signed and forwarded to some other office for approval but not before the agent casually mentioned something about the charges.

It’s standard, of course, to include mortgage insurance in the agreement and the cost in the monthly payments. However, it seems there is a 3% surcharge on that insurance if “you live on an Island”. Huh?

I’ve tried and failed to imagine a logic behind this – unless it’s just a creative way to generate more income. I mean, do they think the rock will just sail away? Is there something inherently unstable about life on a landmass surrounded by water?

Looking at this view, I think they’re just jealous. 🙂

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