A Clear Day

OK – as you can see from the images it’s not really clear today. At least outside. The fog has lifted in my brain though because I finally got some sleep. This whole “get up by 4:00 am to provide fishermen with coffee” is seriously affecting my synapses. The last straw was a day long trip upriver yesterday which meant I didn’t even get a nap.

I was asleep in bed last night before 7:00 pm and got a full 11 hours of rest. It was glorious.

Oh the trip to St. Stephen was worth it – I got a few things at the store I needed and the car got new tires. She gets brakes and rotors this week as well. One of the mechanics at Canadian Tire questioned why I need replacements so often and seemed to be implying that my driving is at fault. I just told him to live on this Island for a while and see what happens to his car. 🙂

One perk of being awake this morning was remembering that I wanted to play with my wide-angle lens for a change. I like the different view of the world but the big benefit is that it is very forgiving of my shaky hands.

On the home front the animals are thriving. An unexpected benefit of acquiring a kitten is that the older cats are now playing with toys (jealousy is a great motivator) and interacting with the little one.

Ciaran is a typical youngster. It doesn’t matter how many toys etc., I have in this house he’s decided on his own games. In his case the favourite item around here would be those plastic grocery bags. You know – the single use ones which are now banned.

Somehow the re-usable ones don’t hold the same appeal. I’ll have to have a secret cache of the prohibited items until he finds something else to amuse him.

Today’s chores include schlepping firewood and kindling, and also changing the water filter on my pump. The latter means I have to go down the stairs to the basement. Ugh Whoever designed this house put in a staircase to the second floor which is about 20 inches wide. The one which heads down to the bottom level is wider (slightly), accessed through a trap door, and requires you to descend backwards and bending over in half to avoid crashing into the underside of the other staircase.

Someday I will be found dead on the concrete in the basement with a big lump on my head. Unless, of course, I win the lottery and can resdesign this house!

The good news is that the sun came out – briefly. It is now obscured by clouds and falling snow – still, it was a pretty morning while it lasted. 🙂

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