We All Screw Up – Sometimes :)

Yesterday’s post was done and dusted and then a friend of mine complimented me on the images. His words were gratefully received but also a bit confusing.

This caused me to remember how long it took to do that upload and I checked. Sure enough I had posted images almost 10 times the size I usually include.

As much as I like the increased quality the big versions provide, I do realize that it is harder for some readers to download them. They were fixed as quickly as possible and I apologize if they caused any difficulties.

Yesterday’s post also mentioned that it was (at the time of writing) overcast and snowing. It really was. In fact it snowed all day – sometimes very lightly, but it was constant. You wouldn’t have known this if you’d looked at our weather apps.

A few of us talked about it this morning and, usually, the apps are pretty accurate. If they say it’s going to rain or blow or snow at 10:15 then that’s what happens. Yesterday they all insisted that it wasn’t snowing. In fact, they said it hadn’t snowed all day and there was none in the forecast or on the radar. I assume they took the weekend off.

I didn’t see or hear any kids playing in the white stuff but I found evidence this morning that an otter had a good time. I don’t think he relies on the forecast. 🙂

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