Underwater Finds

Snow today – on and off. Wind as well. The snow doesn’t always make things beautiful and serene. It does also hamper travel and work. Many boats decided to remain tied up and the Captains/crews are doing other chores.

I should tell you about a collection I’ve started – it consists mostly of old (or very old) fishing weights found on the bottom of the Bay. Other treasures have crept in to my hoard as well.

Having fresh seafood is a real bonus to living here and some of it occasionally winds up in my kitchen. Other things do as well – fishermen like to share I guess.

The nets and the drags pull up more than herring or scallops off the sea-bottom and salmon nets are not the only things down there. People have been discarding (accidentally or on purpose) a variety of items for hundreds of years. Usually the bits and pieces that I’m given are quite boring old bottles like this one which says Maine Half Pint Liquid.

One boat got two tires caught up in its drags the other day. The first was fairly new but the other was from a Model A (complete with whitewalls). A crew member wound up swinging in the air from the drags to get them unstuck (they were not thrown back in the water and not brought to me).

Every now and then I’m given an object that, although broken and useless, gives me an opportunity to imagine elaborate backstories. I admit I anthropomorphize things and I’m a sucker for orphans. I haven’t named him yet, but I will. 🙂

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