No Problem

So the big storm came and went. We got a lot of snow although it’s hard to gauge how much. The wind was so strong that there are bare patches here and there with 4 foot snow drifts next to them. A few people told me they think it totalled about 27 inches. I’ll take their word for it. πŸ™‚

Amazingly, to all of us, we didn’t lose power. I won’t say that all the preparations we did were a waste of time – there are more storms coming. After a bit of rain on Wednesday we’re going to get another big dump of snow Thursday night into Friday.

Fish will not be pleased with the coming weather. He’s decided that snow is a curse and designed to make his life hell. Some dogs like playing in it – mine keeps insisting that he needs to be rescued from it.

Indoors everything is fine and the animals are content. I would point out that it is very difficult to crop and size photos when there’s a kitten determined to help you. He also insists on participating when I clean the litter box. I really need him to find his own hobby. πŸ™‚

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