Embrace Your Strange

Fish and I made a quick trip to Herring Cove – it had to be relatively brief because, again, he considers snow to be an alien environment for which he is not equipped.

Although it was about -7C (19F) the temperature is rising quickly and will be above freezing momentarily. We’re supposed to get some rain today and more tomorrow before the cold front moves in and the snow starts. The rain won’t melt all the snow we have – it’ll just make a mess which will be conveniently covered up by more than a foot of the white stuff arriving between tomorrow night and Saturday morning.

None of this bothers me too much – I really do prefer it to muggy days and mosquitoes. I have also, over the years, managed to implement coping strategies, the best of which is the wood burning stove. There are also enough of the right sorts of supplies to see us through anything I’ve been able to imagine (or had warnings about). This, of course, includes a power outage.

I freely admit to some quirks and (what are perceived as) eccentricities. One of these is my collection of water jugs in the basement.

Fergus, Duff, and I have never developed an appreciation for the taste of the well water in this house. For that reason we rely on jugs of Spring Water purchased at various outlets. Most of the empty jugs are refilled with well water and stored in the basement. There are dozens and dozens of them down there.

Maybe it’s my age, or maybe I’ve always been a wuss, but I have no intention of using a bush instead of a toilet in a power outage. Filling the bathtub is a wonderful option if you know the outage is coming and if you don’t have animals which blindly leap into the tub. I’ll stick to my supply of jugs.

Note that as weird as some on the Island think this behaviour is – a few have had to come and get some emergency jugs for their own use. Eccentricity can be beneficial.

I’m going to go get some preparations done but will leave you with proof we can see Grand Manan from here – at least at the moment. 🙂

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