Still Good

I ventured out into the cold this morning. How cold? I think you can guess – if I tell you it will just give my friend Ahuva angina. I don’t hate it but I’m not dumb enough to venture far from the car to take photos. That’s why the last image is of sunrise on power lines.

We received far less snow and a great deal more freezing rain in the most recent weather event than had been forecast. I went out to shovel the porch and stuck my shovel in the white mound – as you do. When I picked myself back up it seemed like a much better idea to leave that thin bit of snow on top of the very thick layer of ice. I’m not lazy, just safety conscious. 🙂

We still haven’t lost power although I understand another storm will take a shot at us at the end of the week. The only thing the recent weather has subjected me to is a delay in my mail. I’ve had to use my “backup” coffee supplies but, even worse, Fish has not had his favourite food for a few days. The latter, of course, is considered the only important consequence around here. He is not immune to the “everything is all about me” mindset which appears to have taken over the world.

Speaking of which, I’m lucky to live in the middle of nowhere and don’t have to deal with a lot of tiny dicks driving big trucks. I wouldn’t be a quietly suffering observer if I did. 🙂

On the fishing front it appears that the Scallop Season will be extended for a few more days. The weather has had a lot to do with that and, also, the fact that predictions were based on 100 boats in this area. According to the Company which handles the call in/out formalities there haven’t been more than 50 so the quota hasn’t been reached.

For those unfamiliar with the process – Captains have to notify the appropriate authorities when they intend to head out and get a number for their log. They have to keep a record of everything they do and make another notification when (and where) they plan to dock and/or offload their catch. That should trigger the presence of a Weigh Master at the dock to check and verify the volume of scallops.

Scallops are categorized for price by the number per pound – so a 15 count is more valuable than a 30 as bigger scallops are more desirable. To arrive at this weight the scallops are first removed from their shells – this must be done before you can offload.

Now, to much of the world this would involve shucking the scallops (as you do oysters). If you check my upcoming Campobello Dictionary you’d find that scallops are “shocked” hereabouts. Small structures are built on the back of many of the boats and called “shocking houses”. Picture my confusion the first few times I heard that and my concern for the health of the crew. 🙂


  1. I don’t want to experience -21C, or even -6F. But my real problem with winter isn’t the cold – it’s the lack of sun. Down here in the comparative tropics, it seems that >80% of the time it is gray gray gray. it’s raw and gray and spirit-sucking. Today is cold – in the low 20sF – but sunny. That makes it (almost) bearable. 🙂 End of this week more ick? Hah!! MY forecast for this Friday is 80F and SUN. AND a swimming pool!!!!!!!!

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  2. Here in my neck of the woods, which is the “Montshire” area of New England, we’ve had stupidly cold weather for waaaaaaay too long. I mean, ok, winter—New England—cold. I get that “math.” But. The average low in January is supposed to be about 11°F and note that is above zero. Well we have been seeing things like -19°F (-28.33°C)! More commonly it has been -10°F (-23.3°C) for weeks! Enough is enough! sheez.

    As to the tiny dicks/big trucks… another sheez. My bff lives in Ottawa (thankfully in the suburbs) and it is nuts. I’ve been following the story, and one of my first thoughts was, “This sounds so weird for Canada, more like something a bunch of Red State Nuts would do.” And then I read about, “Officials believe that much of it is coming from outside sources…” uhhh, and that would be… us. Sorry about that. Although it is still primarily Canadian and for that I’m a little grateful, because it shows we have not cornered the market on idiots. We’re working on it, but so far the rest of the world is holding their own in that department, too. 🙂

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