It’s a Mysterious World

Weirdly it’s 8C (46F) right now. The snow is melting and thankfully so is much of the ice. The ponds are still mostly frozen but the ducks are finding clear areas for diving. Things get back to normal over the next few days when it’s supposed to go to -15C (5F). I don’t understand the weather around here – I just try to adapt. 🙂

Speaking of ducks and salmon cages (well I was this morning, you might not have been) – one of the salmon farms off Grand Manan has been having some issues.

Reportedly, the fish are dying and they’ve been transporting them away. Coincidentally the wind shifted the other day and more than 100 dead ducks came ashore in the same general area. The local Ducks Unlimited contacted the Wildlife Branch and those birds have been bagged and transported to the mainland for testing.

Remember that Correlation (or coincidence) does not equal Causation. I wouldn’t want to imply a connection – at least until the investigation is complete. 🙂

I told you that the scalloping was over for the season. Well that’s true around here. The whole Bay is divided into “Areas” and rules that apply in one don’t necessarily apply to others.

The quota has apparently been reached in this Area but, if they wanted, the fishermen could go miles away and catch some more. At least if they have the right license.

Weirdly, at least to me, boats from Nova Scotia which have a “Whole Bay” license can fish in this Area even though the quota has been reached. Watching them offshore while our boats are docked is very confusing. The men down on the wharf phrase it differently. 🙂

One of the many things I didn’t have to learn on the West Coast was that the cost of gas increases dramatically in the winter. Oh, I’m not talking about the price at the pump – although that is high. I’m referring to the fact that gasoline apparently turns to molasses in very cold temperatures.

You know how the dashboard shows the distance you have left to travel on the amount of fuel in your vehicle? On a hot summer day a full tank in my car will go at least 670 km. If it’s really hot it’s gone up to 720.

On the cold days around here a full tank will only go 450 km. It’s no wonder the pump price goes up so high in the summer – you can drive further and need fewer visits to the gas station. I wonder why they don’t lower the price using the same logic in the winter. 🙂

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