The Kindness of Life on a Small Island

I made it up to Roosevelt International Park yesterday as one of the roads had been plowed (I heard they did it because Rodney needs a clear route to go wrinkling. Big places like that in your area would do the same – right?).

The forest obviously looks a lot different in the winter but I wanted (in part) to give you an idea of the number of trees which are blown down annually. We’re in real trouble if there’s ever a fire. But I don’t want to jinx it.

It’s snowing at the moment, however there’s supposed to be another big change later in the week. I’ll get to that. πŸ™‚

In addition to weather apps, a critical tool around here is something like Windfinder. I don’t know how they can forecast the wind so far in advance but it has a really high degree of accuracy.

Obviously the fishermen use something like this. I use it often to get confirmation of the arrival of storms and also to figure out when the ferry will be able to sail. Last week it told me tomorrow would be a good day to take the youngest ones to the Vet for a nail trim. So, that appointment has been made.

Sometimes, Windfinder gets the wind right but the timing is a little off. This happened recently and had the expected impact on the small barge ferry trying to make it to our little Island.

Thursday morning a full load made it over to Deer Island. When those vehicles got to the other side they discovered that only the smallest vessel was taking people to the mainland and there was going to be a wait. A number of cars turned around and came back because the weather was supposed to get worse and they didn’t want to get stuck on the mainland.

A few people I know took a chance. Unfortunately the wind got stronger before anticipated and the ferry to Campobello couldn’t keep sailing – at least according to its safety parameters. Texts and phone calls went out to the people they knew were planning to get home that afternoon. (Ferry companies do that in your area, right?).

The Campobello ferry stopped running after their midday trip but stayed at the Deer Island landing and waited for everybody who could make it back from the mainland. They then did one last trip at 3:30, in conditions they really shouldn’t, without taking payment because the run was not within guidelines, and got those people home. I love this place.

Windfinder tells me that a storm is coming on Friday. They forecast warm temperatures, heavy rain, and wind gusts of 72 knots. This translates as 133 km/h (83 mph). A kind and helpful Islander has cautioned me to hold on to my hat. πŸ™‚


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