A Quick Trip Which Wasn’t

I made it over to St. George yesterday to get the two youngest a manicure. It was supposed to be a simple “there and back” with a brief stop to take some photos of the old power mill and river in that area of town. Well.

My photo excursion was reduced to about 3 minutes (so please forgive these images) because my companion was on the phone at the time. Growling. At his son, whose car had died in Saint John. This “emergency” was complicated by the fact that the young man had to make the last ferry over to Campobello that afternoon. Panic overwhelmed the both of them.

Nobody asked me if I wanted to go to Saint John. πŸ™‚ At the time my companion was driving so the authority to head across the Province was apparently just assumed. At least by him.

As I mentioned, a lot of the urgency was directly tied to the need to make the last ferry. My friend is fully vaccinated but hasn’t gone to Maine since March 9 of 2020. He doesn’t want to get Covid – at least the American kind. His son has now had his second shot (teenagers are stubborn) but still has to wait a couple of weeks before he’s eligible to use ArriveCan and make the trip through our neighbouring State.

There was a lot of faffing about (at least from my perspective) in a parking lot trying to get this car to start. Then the muttering started and included the words “we’ll have to spend the night in Saint John if this doesn’t work”. I looked down at the kitten in my lap, the one who expected a litter box at some point, and said:

*cough* I love both of you but I am NOT spending the night in Saint John.”

“But, but” came the reply, “we’ll miss the ferry!”

I then reminded them that I don’t need the ferry to get home. Some of us can just drive through Maine. There was silence and then, after less faffing and more trying, the car got fixed. Sheesh!

I took a few shots this morning at the Harbour and yes it’s cold. That’s the full extent of the weather update for today – I do try to spare you too much boring repetition.

On a separate note – I had to go shopping on Amazon this morning for a new lens hood. There was a big crash the other night and, once I found them, I discovered all the animals inspecting my camera. Which was lying on the floor, with a very guilty looking kitten nearby.

Oh one other thing. I took a break writing this post to run an errand. Sitting in the car on North Road I saw the largest of our fire trucks go by, at speed, towing a car. It came back a few minutes later going even faster – still had the car. Some days I don’t even try to figure this place out. πŸ™‚


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