This initial shot is from Schooner Cove this morning and shows the aftermath of another heavy wind/rain storm overnight. The good news is that the unplowed road no longer needs attention. πŸ™‚ At least for now.

They say it will go up to 11C (52F) today and then start going down again. Tomorrow morning it’s expected to be -10C (14F) and on Friday we get a lot of snow. I no longer have any sense of “season” and it’s a good thing we have technology to give us warnings about all this nonsense.

The winds have been bad enough that the parcels of shingles on my sunporch roof (long story) have started to shed their contents onto the ground. I spend a lot of time picking them up and adding them to a pile in the garage. I’ve also found one of Anna’s bird feeders and a small child’s sled. We seem to have escaped any major damage though.

The other photos in this post are from different times in the past week. Most of the ones I took today were garbage but I think I figured out my mistake. We’ll see.

I should have had my camera yesterday and, of course, left it at home when I went upriver. The ferry wharf in L’Etete has been annexed/invaded/settled by what they claim is a Peace Keeping force. I didn’t get a very good count, but approximately a dozen geese have decided to live there. These are not Canada Geese (aka Cobra Chickens). To my uneducated eyes they are domestic. Somebody has misplaced their flock.

The ferry is just a barge which “docks” on a concrete ramp but the wooden wharf is fairly substantial. They sit on it and peer through the wooden crossbeams waiting to be fed by the crews.

When the ferry wants you to load they blow their horn and the geese know what that means. I was waiting to board and the (really big) leader of the group headed across the road to get a drink. The rest trailed behind. The horn blew and the geese moved enough to give us passage through their line. It’s a well behaved bunch.

A last note for today – I spent considerable time on my excursion this morning looking for rabbits. I haven’t seen one in months and there has always been a considerable population of them in the woods. I’m used to seeing them in their winter white fur staring from hollow trees. Many Islanders I’ve spoken with have noticed their absence.

There has been a significant lack of visible wildlife this winter but some (e.g., the deer) are starting to venture into public gaze once more. Birds are beginning to be heard and foxes are more daring. However, as of yet, no rabbits. Maybe they’ve found a wharf somewhere. πŸ™‚


  1. Did a loud (dainty) snort laugh over “Peace Keeping Force.” Too soon? Also, we in MontShire have been having similar weather, without the wind, which I assume you get due to being on an island. I’m inland. We went from having weeks of -12Β° F (I can’t be arsed to do the C math πŸ™‚ ) to it being 50+ and rain and floods, to like you, back to snow warnings for Friday. What the…

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