Today snow, then rain – tomorrow flash freeze and then snow. I think we’re in a rut. 🙂 Still it means no mosquitoes, yet.

Now, I’m obviously not a hunter. I didn’t grow up in that culture and really have no desire to join (besides, I’d be really bad at it). Still, you wind up learning a few things just by being here and having people insist on telling you stuff.

One of the constant topics is animal tracks – as in, “those are deer tracks” and “look more coyote tracks”. If I drive around with a companion I get a nonstop running commentary.

In spite of myself I’ve managed to develop some knowledge and I can distinguish between many of the telltale signs the beasts leave behind. I even corrected somebody one day who announced that a trail had been made by a coyote. I’ve lived with cats for years and I know cat tracks. It turned out I was correct and they were cougar prints.

Some people go on rides and count how many red cars they see – or Volvos – or Tim Hortons. I just catalogue the number of different animal prints and yesterday morning included deer, raccoon, rabbit (Yay they’re back!), coyote, and cougar.

I did notice something a little odd (at least to me). It’s obviously easier to see the footprints in the snow but, as many times as I’ve seen deer followed by predators, I have never seen blood. There must be some secret place where they kill Bambi which is kept hidden from our sensitive eyes.

We’re all supposed to keep watch for dead wild birds and report them. I told you a while ago about a large number of dead sea ducks which had washed ashore on Grand Manan. As of yesterday they’re still saying that we have no confirmed cases in New Brunswick of the very contagious Avian Flu. However, the jungle telegraph, rightly or wrongly, says otherwise. Damn.

On a happier note I thought I’d share a photo of my houseguest doing touristy things at Liberty Point. He found some suspicious scents in the parking area and I had to use his favourite treats to keep him from heading into the woods. If I hadn’t, I’d still be following his prints in the snow. 🙂


    1. Well first of all – their tracks mean they WERE there. Could have been hours ago. And I don’t intend to follow them into the forest. That’s somebody else’s job. 🙂


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